March 2018 Newsletter

New Location – Civil Air Patrol
3100 69th Avenue
Moline, IL 61265

Our annual club-wide meeting is being held on Saturday, April 14th at 10am.  We, as usual, will hold the meeting in the Civil Air Patrol building.  However, the building that we met in last year has been demolished, and the CAP has moved to a new building.  CAP is now housed in the Western most freight storage buildings along 27th street; see the above picture.  There is a CAP sign posted on the front of the building to show which door to enter.  The club thought it best to advertise this move as much as possible to prevent the case where someone shows up at the old building location to find no building there.

New Treasurer

Brad Ward has been installed as the club’s new Treasurer.  We are glad to have him on the Board of Directors at this time.  Brad’s work is in the IT field which will be very helpful in making changes to the way airplane hours are logged.  We are in the process of transitioning from entering airplane time onto the log sheets placed in the planes to entering the time into Schedule Master.  This is being done to reduce the work involved in collecting and tabulating the airplane hours.  At this time the treasurer has to go to the airport and collect the log sheets from all of the airplanes.  Once he has all of the log sheets in hand, he has to go through them to sort out who has flown which airplane, total the hour for each person in each plane and then enter that information into QuickBooks.  Once we have transitioned to entering airplane hours into Schedule Master, all of the tasks mentioned above, except for entering data into Quick Books, will be eliminated.  

Schedule Master updates

When any of you have new information that needs to be entered into Schedule Master (new BFR, new medical due dates and so forth), submit a request to me, and I will do that for you.  Updating Schedule Master as new information becomes available will be helpful to me as well as yourself.  Keeping the profiles current throughout the year makes my task easier at insurance survey time.

Richard Kramer