About Us

The Club incorporated in February of 1983 as a non-profit organization to own and maintain aircraft for the use of its members. Club aircraft may be used for business, personal pleasure, and instruction flights. Members are encouraged to continue to improve flying skills. Seven (7) volunteer directors, elected annually, oversee Club operations and all but the Treasurer serve without compensation.

The Club presently owns and maintains four (4) aircraft that are kept in hangars on the South side of the Quad City Airport, Moline, Illinois. They are:

1975 Cessna Turbo 210L Centurion, a turbo charged, fuel-injected, high performance, six-place plane with a glass cockpit.  It includes a Garmin G500 with Synthetic Vision, Traffic, Charts, 530W GPS, Garmin audio panel, S-Tec 55X autopilot, GAMI fuel injectors, JPI Digital Engine Analyzer/Fuel Totalizer, built in Oxygen. and more. It is more sophisticated and requires a pilot with more experience including an instrument rating and flight time. The 285 hp aircraft will cruise at about 220 miles per hour with a full load of fuel, luggage and six passengers.

1974 Cessna 172 Skyhawk. This family aircraft with 4 seats is easy for low-time pilots to fly, and cruises about 125 miles per hour and it is also good for instrument training. It is well equipped with avionics that, include a Garmin 430, IFR certified GPS

1970 Cessna 177B Cardinal, This airplane has 4 seats, bigger engine than the 172 (180hp with constant speed propeller) and goes 150 mph. It has Garmin 530 with WAAS GPS, HSI, Garmin 340 audio panel and over a 900lb useful load.

1981 Cessna 152, a two-place aircraft that cruises about 110 miles per hour. Primarily used for student training, it is a fun aircraft to fly.

Only Club members are allowed to fly our aircraft. All instructors must be approved by the Club  Directors. Instructors are paid directly by the Member for each flight or ground school charge. Monthly statements for dues and flight time in the previous month are mailed soon after the beginning of the month and are payable on receipt, but no later than the end of the month.

Both spouses and minor children can fly under one family membership. This can be a big benefit! 

The Club carries AOPA hull and liability insurance to protect the members. It is included in the monthly dues. Hull coverage has a $1000.00 deductible on all airplanes. There is a $100,000.00 coverage per passenger, and $1,000,000.00 per accident. Club members must be a current member of AOPA, $89 per year, and pay a one time physical property maintenance fee of $100, and a refundable $30 key deposit. Safe flying is fun and offers much travel convenience with no speed limits! A monthly newsletter and a Club roster accompany your monthly statement . All members are welcome to attend the monthly meeting of the board of Directors. Check the newsletter or web calendar for time and location.

For information please contact Jim Goetsch – Club President 309-314-0002