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Quad City Area Flying Eagles – Fuel Billing Procedures (KATS)

Membership TypeCostAirplanesPrivileges
Associate$600Cessna 152 onlyFor Student pilots only, does not have full membership privileges. An upgrade is required within 30 days of obtaining Private Pilot certificate to the club's Regular membership.$105
Regular$1100All Airplanes except High Performance/ComplexFull membership privileges$105
High Performance /
$2500Cessna 210
and all other airplanes
Allows member to fly the Cessna 210 and all other club airplanes - Requires 200 PIC, meeting insurance time in type requirements, instrument rating, and final checkout with Jim Goetsch$140

Dues are paid monthly, in advance.  Usage is billed for the previous month.  In addition, there is a one-time physical property maintenance fee of $100 on joining the club and $50 refundable key deposit