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November 2017 Newsletter

The club is still searching for a Treasurer.  If anyone of you has been considering doing the Treasurer’s job, please call Jim Wiegand with questions that you might have about the doing the job.  Ron Anderson is researching how some

October 2017 newsletter

Two people soloed in September.  Wayne Crump (picture 1) on September 24, and Ryan Stapf (picture 2) soloed on September 7.   Congratulations to both of you on achieving that milestone.   It’s a big step toward getting your pilot certificates.  All

Paul Wang soloed May 2017

It looks like we missed getting a picture of Paul Wang soloing May 2017.  Congratulations Paul!

Ryan Stapf soloed

Ryan is taking instruction from Diane Carbiener.

September 2017 Newsletter

In last month’s letter, I talked about new pilots and others that were in various stages of training.  One person was overlooked in the various stages of training category, and he was Brad Zust.  Brad is currently working on his

August 2017 Newsletter

Ryan Stapf has joined the club this summer. He has been interested in airplanes and getting his pilots certificate since he was 9 years old. He is 16 now and flying with his instructor Diane Carbeiner. He can’t wait to

December 2014 newsletter

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September 2014 newsletter

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June 2014 newsletter

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April 2014 newsletter

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