September 2017 Newsletter

In last month’s letter, I talked about new pilots and others that were in various stages of training.  One person was overlooked in the various stages of training category, and he was Brad Zust.  Brad is currently working on his instrument rating with Diane Carbeiner.

We have a new member in John Reddington.  He joined in August.  He purchased Tim Dolan’s equity.  Like Bill Craig, he is joining the club ready to fly.  He is a private pilot.  Once he gets his check ride done, he will be in the air.  John is retired but is currently employed part time driving for ACT II Transportation.  Welcome to the club John.

All newspapers have a correction column and this one is no exception.  I erroneously stated in the August issue that Scott Haack was a student pilot when in fact he has his private pilot license.


Richard Kramer